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The Ultimate Roadmap To Become A Master Bird Photographer

The 4 Step Plan to become a Master Bird Photographer

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13 Oct 8:00 pm SAST


If you can relate to these statements, this Webinar is for you.

Learn from a Professional Nature Photographer with Over 50 Years Photography Industry Experience

“With my association with Nikon, I have had contact with some of the world’s best photographers. In my opinion, Lou Coetzer ranks amongst the best. What separates Lou from every other top wildlife photographer I know is not only his unselfish willingness to share his knowledge with beginner and advanced photographers alike, but also his relentless hunger to improve himself as a photographer. To find a photographer at the top of his genre willing to share all his knowledge is rare indeed.”
Stefan vd Walt
Former CEO Nikon SA

Lou Coetzer

Lou Coetzer is a Master Nature Photographer acclaimed for his award-winning photography, the ‘Master Photography’ series of lectures he presented at The Natural History Museum in London, the numerous books he has published and for being the Head Adjudicator of five international photographic competitions.

Always looking to differentiate himself, Lou designed an innovative 360-degree revolving photographic chair which has transformed nature photography.


 He developed an innovative wildlife image rating system to cope with the flood of high-quality images now possible.

CNP Safaris, was originally born from the Nikon Training Academy that he and his son founded 15 years ago. After training tens of thousands of photographers on their camera equipment and photography skills.

In recent years Lou launched a Mentorship support program, originally motivated by his first Mentee Julie Steelman, who is also his co-host on the highly successful Nature Photography Secrets Podcast on Itunes and Podbean.

Set Yourself Up for Success So That You are able to share Nature’s Inspiring Stories.

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