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your camera for success

We will teach you how to set-up your Camera and help you finally achieve success in your nature photography.


The problem with every single camera training course, no matter the brand or the model, that is available through camera manufacturers and professional trainers, whether in person or on You Tube Videos or any other On Line Medium is – there is NO uniform structured base to help you get the best out of your camera.
The one person says this is the best way to set up your camera and the next person says just the opposite and you are left to sought out what is the best camera settings for your camera, no matter what the Photographic Genre that interests you. 

What we can guarantee you is that not a single person or institute of the 40 plus that we evaluated, use your camera sensor’s ability to allow you to expose differently as the base of your camera training. 
If one ignores a specific camera sensor’s abilities, the photographic results after set-up will be the same as if one was still shooting with a film camera no matter how sophisticated the camera is.


We will teach you all your modern day camera sensor’s abilities first before we set up your camera – and cheat physics in the process. The modern day DSLR or Mirrorless camera sensor have extraordinary abilities compared to the film cameras of yesteryear. Having the knowledge to exploit those capabilities will allow us to set up your camera in a revolutionary way.
We will explain your camera’s different focussing modes in depth (based on extensive Laboratory and Field Tests) and train you on when and how to use your camera’s different focus modes. 

What is more we will train you how to use your specific camera’s ergonomic layout to support what your cameras sensor and auto-focus modes are capable of. 

What setting should be allocated to all those buttons so that your camera just becomes and extension of your hand and you do not have to stop focussing, take your finger of the shutter release button or dip into internal menus to change vital settings.


How to Set-Up your Camera for success!

"I wish to state that after attending your classes on setting up my Nikon D850 and Nikon D500 for success has changed the game in photographing action shots of birds. Your knowledge is phenomenal and your approach to understanding the camera ability has been a game changer for me. Looking forward to more of your courses to further my knowledge and understanding of photography."

Frank Cornelli – Wildlife Photographer

My images are now much sharper due your help with the settings of my Nikon D850 camera’s focusing modes. The additional fact that you convinced me to sign up for your mentorship program, has changed my whole outlook to photography. In addition, the assistance from yourself with the set up of my camera, has been one of the biggest issues you have helped me with ! These settings, together with your help and guidance on how to shoot with faster shutter speeds and with depth, has revolutionized my photography! I am now consistently shooting sharper images, with shutter speeds ranging between 1/4000 to 1/8000 of a second, and at lower ISO values. I am now not missing out on the shots that I have struggled to get in the past! Thank you, and thank you again for being prepared to share your amazing photographic knowledge with me and your other clients.
Ted Swindon
Wildlife Photographer


Canon 5d mark iv camera course

4 MAY 2021 / 6-8pm (SAST)

Canon 7d mark ii camera course

22 APRIL 2021 / 6-8pm (SAST)


Nikon D850 camera course

28 APRIL 2021 / 6-8pm (SAST)

Nikon D500 camera course

13 APRIL 2021 / 6-8pm (SAST)


one on one camera specific training


Sony A7 iii & A7 Riii camera course

11 MAY 2021 / 6-8pm (SAST)

Canon 5D MARK IV Course Review

So, you have bought the new camera or you have been using it for a while, but all the features are just so daunting. After going through the Quick Reference Guide, which is very basic, you downloaded the User Manual and print the 500 odd pages. You consult the manual every now and again to try and figure out, for example, what the best autofocus mode for wildlife photography is, but the manual is not much help. So you’re essentially stuck and do what you think is right and hope for the best. That can all change if you do the camera specific user course presented by CNP Safaris. I recently did just that and attended the course for the Canon 5D Mk4. The course starts off with an overview of the camera’s specifications in terms of ISO invariance and dynamic range of the sensor. This may sound unnecessary technical, but it is extremely important to understand your camera sensor’s capabilities when it comes to difficult shooting conditions. For example, at what ISO can you still comfortably shoot in low light? The information provided allows you to understand these basics and therefore what you should do to get that great shot under difficult circumstances. The second part of the course is essentially going through the camera’s menu system in a step by step fashion. Several of the default camera settings are changed and the reason for the change is discussed. In addition, they assist you to customise your camera’s buttons in a way that simplifies the use of the regularly used functions, for example adjusting ISO, focus mode, exposure compensation, etc. The result is that you will be ready to take that photo as conditions change rapidly when photographing wildlife and therefore miss less opportunities. The course is presented in a relaxed manner by Hendri Coetzer and Nico Pretorius who are both very knowledgeable on the subject. The course is practical and designed by wildlife photographers specifically for wildlife photography. This is a course I can highly recommend if you want to get the most out of your camera and not have regrets about those amazing opportunities that you missed.
Pierre van der Berg
Nature Photographer


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