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The Digital Photography Toolbox Course

Fundamental Building Blocks for All Genres in the Digital Age!

The 2020 Digital Photography Toolbox online course

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Are you still shooting like a film photographer ?

It's time to rethink your digital photography fundamentals.

Watch the video to learn more!

It’s time to start seeing the world around you differently and start creating images  and telling unique stories.

LIVE SESSIONS: 16/17/18 FEB 2021

What to Expect

For decades, the fundamentals of photography have remained the same.
But surely, by now, something new should have emerged for the year 2020? And it has!

From these sessions you will learn how the very latest technological developments have re-shaped the way our cameras work.  And not only that. We will explain how those technological developments have necessitated a change in our whole approach to photography.  The truth is, we can no longer expect results from only those applications that have been basic to photographic thinking for the past 100 years.  Our course will show you how to fuse two vital elements that affect your success.  On the one hand, the fundamentals of physics that determined what was photographically possible in the past, and on the other, all the technological advances of the Digital Age that have progressively upgraded cameras over the past 20 years.

All the advances that have been made will require a fundamental change of mind-set for even the most experienced photographers.   For example, just the technological advances that have been made in the design of the digital sensor in 2020, should fundamentally change your approach to every single photographic genre.  Once you know how to use them properly, the new sensors will allow you to photograph the previously unthinkable. The implications are the same for wildlife, nature, travel, photojournalism and portraiture photography. 

You will find in the universal building blocks of this course, the recipes for truly professional quality photography.  And the principles will address all seasons, all photographic genres and all the popular camera brands.

I am signing up for this course, not because of what I know, but for what I don’t know as yet or think I knew. If I want to be the best photographer I can be, I need to reinvent myself all the time.

Elana Erasmus
Elana Erasmus
I am a well established photographer and have been in business for over 33 years. I can honestly say that their methods have helped me tremendously in my career and I really wish they came onto my pathway much earlier.
Johan Pretorius
Johan Pretorius

Start Shooting like a
Digital photographer!

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