Frequently asked questions.

Yes! At the moment , all our courses are presented online and in a Live classroom setting via this website.

Although our courses are presented live, class recordings will be uploaded to the course content as soon as each recording becomes available. You are welcome to catch up on the class at any time you find convenient.

Yes. Every class has its own dedicated presentation and are made available to all enrolees prior to the specific class in an easy to follow PDF document. You are allowed to print out the course manual should you wish to follow the presentation off-screen.

Yes, absolutely. The main reason why we are presenting in a classroom-style is to engage enrolees on a direct and personal basis. It’s also great to get input from fellow attendees during a class.

As we are presenting live, classroom sizes will be limited depending on the type of course. Most classes will be presented by a main presenter and an assistant. The assistant is there to help you out should you find yourself falling behind or have any technical difficulties during the class.

We would most certainly like to think so. The fact that you are here is a tell tale sign that you are aiming towards improving your photography and editing skills. Technology has propelled the possibilities of photography light years ahead, fact is that most of us are still approaching our photography based on what was capable decades ago, we would like to change that. 

Our 2020 Digital Photography Toolbox course is aimed at all genres. Here we look at the fundamentals of photography in the digital age. What you learn here you will be able to apply to almost any photographic situation you could imagine. More specialist courses will become available in the near future.

Chances are you have spent many hours scouring the internet already, yet you are not impressed with your end results? 

We present all our classes live, so it’s engaging and interactive which you will likely not find elsewhere online.

Consider the countless investments you have made into your photography? Thousands of dollars on camera gear, computers and photography excursions. If you do not get the most out of your camera gear and editing process, getting properly trained is not an expense, it’s purely an investment, and worth more in value than all the other gadgets and toys combined.

We are a team of specialist photographers actively involved in Nature, Portrait, Wedding, Commercial and Studio photography. We have done all the hard work for you, simplify your life by getting the right information from people who know how to.

We always aim to reduce the jargon and teach what is relevant today while maximizing the technological benefits on offer today. 


There is only one way to measure success doing what we do, and that is your success.

We like to think that your results will improve dramatically and you will stop wasting time scrolling through websites and videos to get the relevant answers that you need.

There are many possible approaches when we talk about photography, but, we are only interested in the end result and are prepared to take responsibility for that in our teachings.

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