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Excellerate Your Nature Photography Learning Curve With A Free Image Review Session
with Lou Coetzer!

We’ve all been there and as they say the proof is in the pudding! It might seem daunting and perhaps a little scary to have your images reviewed by a pro, but one thing stands true, the fastest way to improve is to stand on the shoulders of the giants that came before you. Lou has vast knowledge as an International Award Winning Photographer and he is offering this opportunity FREE of charge. 

Limited Slots Available

How does it works?

Lou is offering an exclusive opportunity to all aspiring Nature Photographers. If you are tired of hopping from one video tutorial to the next and just need someone to tell you straight out what YOU need to do to improve your photography than this opportunity is for you!

Step 1: Sign up for this free offer

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Step 2: Schedule your appointment with Lou

Lou will contact you to schedule a time suitable for both parties. The session will take place on a Zoom platform. 

Step 3: Prepare your images for your one on one session with Lou.

Get excited! You now have the opportunity to flatten that learning curve!

"I have attended the webinar sessions for the past three sessions. However, I would like to encourage your participants to register for your mentorship programme. It's revolutionary! Today, I spent the private session with you, working through your various camera settings with me. you have helped me set up my camera with the correct settings, (your settings!). I can now fully understand why joining the mentorship programme was so necessary and beneficial for my photography. So much, and many more benefits than I learned on the Webinar! What I have learned was that it is all about the correct camera settings! thank you Lou and your team for sharing your incredible knowledge with me"
Ted Swindon
Wildlife Photographer

Join The Community of Aspiring Nature Photographers Who Are Excited To Evolve Their Nature Photography Skillset.

Limited spots available every month!