Improve your
skills & have your
mentor on call wherever you are photographing in the world!

Do any of these statements sound familiar to you?


  • You have a deep passion for conservation and wildlife and have recently embarked on a journey in photography.
  • Your desire to capture the beauty of the natural world has led you to buy a new camera, but you require guidance with camera setup to truly unlock your camera’s potential.
  • You are determined to learn and grow as a photographer and are excited to see how your skills will evolve.
  • You don’t know the current status of your photography and what the next level of nature photography is for you.
  • Your photographic workflow is slow, and editing is inconsistent and frustrating.
  • You do not have an effective rating system to differentiate between the good, the extraordinary and what’s promising in your portfolio of images.
  • You have accumulated many photographs with which you have effectively done nothing other than post it on social media.

You are determined to tackle these hurdles. You realise that once you do, all future safaris will be rewarded with amazing images that truly portray the nature story and emotion you felt at that moment.


  • You have the services of award-winning nature photographers on call.
  • All Mentor Sessions are 1-on-1, focusing on you and your photographic aspirations.
  • All sessions are done online from the comfort of your home at a convenient time and day for you.
  • Workflow and editing sessions can be done in real-time to escalate success dramatically
  • 1-on-1 training on all applicable software packages.
  • Our diverse team offers unique skills in various photographic genres, cameras & software brands.


When you sign up, we will request a selection of your favourite edited images from various destinations. If you do not edit your images, you send them as is. 

After carefully examining your selection of photographs, we will determine the current status of your camera settings and whether you are getting the most out of your digital camera sensor. Additionally, I will evaluate your photography workflow and editing techniques.

During our first feedback session, we will go through a presentation on modern-day Nature Photography building blocks and explore new frontiers. Then, we will review your photography and edited images to provide feedback and commentary for improvement. Together, we will establish your personal photographic goals and structure a plan with a timeline in mind.

We will determine the necessary camera, workflow, and editing software-specific training and set everything up for you. You will receive problem-solving assignments that will open up a mentorship communication channel for whatever you want to achieve with your Nature Photography in the future.


"Have your mentor on-call wherever you are."




“Lou has a sharp eye for picking out details that can enrich my work. His ability to dissect an image for it’s good and bad qualities helps me to see things that I wouldn’t have noticed myself.


Arizona, USA

” Working with Lou has made me a far better photographer and it will do the same for you “


Bela-Bela, RSA

” The latest development in camera sensor technology, AI and Resizing was fully researched by Lou. He reached out to me and could not wait to share this with me. This opened a new very rewarding world of capturing wildlife motion through high shutter speed, high ISO and using Exposure Compensation to me.


Lou is an award-winning nature and wildlife photographer. He has been a photographer for over 50 years, mastering the art & technology of photography starting in the days of film, through the early digital cameras, to the mirrorless cameras of today.  


Our diverse team offers unique skills in various photographic genres, cameras & software brands.


Mentorship Fees

R 21, 500.00 excluding VAT / $ 2,000.00


20 hours one-on-one time



Software fees


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