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With 50 years behind the lens, Lou has lived through the glory days of film photography, through the turmoil of shifting over to digital photography and eventually mastering the balance between portraying the stories nature tells us and taking technically correct images. 

Lou innovated the world’s first revolving photography chair and boat and acted as Head Moderator for numerous Nature Photographic Competitions.

Along with the Internationally renowned Da Vinci Institute and Wenzel Kotze, he launched the “Towards Synergy – Leadership Principles reflected in Nature” Corporate Leadership Program based on his book with the same name. He was born and bred in South Africa and although he loves travelling all over the globe, his heart will always be in this beautiful continent called Africa.

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Nature Photography Secrets Podcast

Listen to Julie Steelman, Lou’s first mentee, interview Lou on his wildlife photography journey, the inside stories and what the program entails

Listen to Julie Steelman, Lou’s first mentee, interview Lou on his wildlife photography journey, the inside stories and what the program entails


  • You have a passion for conservation and just began your wildlife photography journey and urgently need guidance.
  • You have just purchased a new camera and are uncertain about how to set it up.
  • You feel a bit stuck in your nature photography because the only thing that has changed in your photography was the destination.
  • You don’t know the current status of your photography and what the next level of nature photography is for you.
  • Your photographic workflow is slow, and editing is inconsistent and frustrating.
  • You do not have an effective rating system in place to differentiate between the good, the extraordinary and what’s promising in your portfolio of images.
  • Over the years, you have accumulated a vast number of photographs with which you have effectively done nothing at all other than Facebook and Instagram posts at best.
  • You are driven and determined to tackle these hurdles and know that once you do, each and every Safari from here on out will be rewarded with amazing images that truly portray the moment and emotion you felt at that specific moment in time.


" What a great opportunity I am getting to be critique the images from my previous shoot so that I can utilize that information to make sure the next ones are better than the last. Lou has a sharp eye for picking out details that can enrich my work. His ability to dissect an image for it's good and bad qualities helps me to see things that I wouldn't have noticed myself. He is honest about what doesn't work and is equally encouraging about what I am doing that does work. He makes himself readily available for comprehensive sessions as well as those quick "check in's" to see how things are going and to take a peek at what I have captured. "
Carol Gregory
" I have spent a small fortune to visit some exotic destinations and ended up being disappointed when viewing my images back home.Lou knows his field of expertise and based on a review of your nominated photographs, he is able to analyse the scene and using your metadata, give you informed feedback on possible flaws in your nature photography or camera techniques. That first session immediately answered some questions for me and allowed me to immediately make a mindset change in terms of techniques in use."
Johan Croucamp
Johan Croucamp
Since my mentorship program with Lou, I am now shooting with regular shutter speeds of 1/5000 and more! Lou has changed my photographic capabilities and I can highly recommend his mentorship program to you and all of those who are battling with their photography and most especially, with slow shutter speeds! Thanks Lou for sharing your recipe and intellectual property with me!
Ted Swindon
Ted Swindon
South Africa
"I have entered the Nature Photographer Mentorship Support Program. Today I want to say thank you to Lou Coetzer for the phenomenal opportunity to be mentored by him. If you love photography, but you want this extra edge - you will NOT MAKE A MISTAKE to treat yourself to this absolute eye-opening program! I am excited - I am driven - I am empowered!! I took a step in the right direction .... if you want to better yourself - contact Lou ... what an absolutely amazing individual that broke down the old dilapidated building and started with renovation to build the new foundation in my life ... Thank you... thank you!" 
Ronel Myburgh
South Africa


If you feel called - please make use of the image review session to see if this will be a good fit for you.


( VALUED AT $ 195 )

  • FREE 1 HOUR Consultation.
  • FREE Review of your own 6 images.
  • An opportunity to discuss the Mentorship program , no strings attached.

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Nature Photography Secrets Podcast


Nature photography secrets is for the wildly passionate nature photographer who wants to get the most out of every scene and continually advance their photographic skills. Each episode explores revolutionary ways to take full advantage of today’s digital equipment and master the skills needed to capture and edit world-class images. Learn from incredible stories how to be prepared for anything and maximize the variety of successful shots you get from every encounter.

Show Hosts – Lou Coetzer and his very first Mentee, Julie Steelman.

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