Do you want to fully utilize all the advanced features of your OM camera to capture great images?

This workshop is for you.

OM-1 + 150-400mm F4.5 @ 400mm (FFE 800mm) / F4.5 @ 1/32000sec / ISO 6400 / EV-3 / SH2

Join us for a breathtaking photography experience in Sedona, Arizona, from October 20th to 22nd. Witness the beauty of the landscape and the migration of hummingbirds and other small bird species while capturing stunning photographs. 


We will teach you how to achieve consistently fast shutter speeds of 1/32000sec, with only occasional drops to 1/10000sec, allowing for sharp images of birds in flight and interaction. You will leave with photos that will not only amaze your friends but also impress your peers. 


In addition, we will teach you how to shoot landscapes at low ISO without a tripod, using your OM camera’s Computational High Res and In-Camera Stacking Modes. These features offer more freedom to chase the light and capture unique photos that will add fun and joy to your photography. 


In our practical photography session, you will learn how to push your OM Camera to its limits. Furthermore, we will teach you how to edit your images using the latest AI photo editing technology, which allows for faster editing of images that previously may have been difficult to edit, such as high noise, small file size, and underexposed images. All of this can be done without sacrificing your photographs’ authentic natural history value.

Check out the images below to see what is possible with your OM camera and editing technology.


Oct 20 – Hummingbird/small birds and landscape seminars (9 AM to 3 PM – Mary D Fisher Theater, Sedona)

Oct 21 – In the field shooting Hummingbirds/small birds and landscapes (limited to 12 people)

Oct 22 – I will showcase the capabilities of the Master Workflow & AI editing Software by editing photos taken by you and other participants during the field shootings (9 AM to 1 PM – Marriott in W Sedona) 


2 classroom seminars & 2 field trips over 2,5 days.

Expert tutelage and individual attention during Hummingbirds & Landscapes seminar and Field trips.

Expert tutelage during Workflow & AI editing workshop.

Light lunch & selected drinks on both days.

DxO PhotoLab 6 – Evergreen course videos to the value of $ 250.00


Transportation to seminar venue and field trip locations

Other meals & drinks


FEE: $ 1,500.00 


Taking photos of birds, particularly hummingbirds, can be difficult. They’re often small, fast-moving, and change direction frequently. However, they have stunning colors and intricate feather patterns, making them great subjects for photography. To capture great bird images, you’ll need to use fast shutter speeds, precise focus, control over depth of field, and anticipate their behaviour. It’s also important to select the appropriate shooting modes.

This workshop will cover the various OM camera features and settings that can be used to maximize your potential to capture great bird photos, including:


  • Maximizing the shutter speed
  • Shooting at high ISO
  • Anticipating the action
  • Focusing modes
  • Focusing grids
  • Understanding when and how to use the PRO SH2, SH2 and Pro SH1 Modes
  • When to use Continuous AF, when to add Tracking and Bird Eye Detection


Historically, a landscape photographer is pictured as lugging a heavy tripod around, shooting longer exposures at low ISO using small apertures. The consequences are that only a few shots are often captured in a session, and many people swear off landscape photography. It doesn’t have to be that way.


The landscape workshop will cover an approach to landscape photography at low ISO, with good depth of field, without a tripod.


We will cover:

  • How to set up your camera
  • Shooting at low ISO without a tripod
  • Visualizing the compositions within a location
  • Chasing the light


In the morning, we will focus on hummingbirds and landscapes in the afternoon, putting the information learned in the previous day’s seminars into practice. 


The group size is limited to 12 to allow personal attention and immediate feedback.



An essential part of digital photography is the ability to edit the images captured. With the advancements in camera technology, editing software has also improved, giving photographers the ability to enhance images they may have previously deleted and produce wonderful images. 

During this session, Lou will use the following tools to edit photos taken by field trip participants:

·       Master a super-fast workflow in no time.

·       DxO PhotoLab 6.

·       Upscaling Photo Software.

·       Use the best photo editing & upscaling software to maintain the authentic natural history value of your hard-earned photographs.

·       Learning how to use the software is both enjoyable and effortless. It will speed up your digital workflow and editing process by 90%.

·       In this session, Lou will demonstrate editing techniques by working on a number of photographs taken by field trip participants.

·       All participants will receive evergreen training videos for up to DxO PhotoLab 6 software (a $250 value) focused on the Nature Photographers’ specific needs.

                    Potential to extract more detail from blacks.                              The potential upscaling 1 million pixels to 209 million pixels output.


Lou Coetzer will be the leader for the entire workshop. Lou is an award-winning nature and wildlife photographer. He has been a photographer for over 50 years, mastering the art and technology of photography starting in the days of film, through the early digital cameras, to today’s mirrorless cameras. Lou’s hard-earned skills are put to good use when shooting with Olympus cameras, particularly the OM 1. He has gained a reputation for generously sharing his knowledge with others.




“Lou has a sharp eye for picking out details that can enrich my work. His ability to dissect an image for it’s good and bad qualities helps me to see things that I wouldn’t have noticed myself.


Arizona, USA

” Working with Lou has made me a far better photographer and it will do the same for you “


Arizona, USA

” If Lou has completely changed how to approach and execute my photography. You simply can’t ask for a better friend and mentor!”

Hummingbird Photos - Averages IS0 6400 & Shutter speed 1/32000 sec

Landscape Photos

macro Photos - AVERAGES IS0 6400 & SHUTTER SPEED 1/32000 SEC


Workshop Fee

$ 1,500.00 – Hummingbird & Landscape seminars & workshop with


a Master Workflow & AI Editing Workshop


Expert tutelage from Lou Coetzer during seminars.

Expert tutelage and individual attention during hummingbirds and landscape field trips.

Expert tutelage during Workflow and AI Editing seminar.

Light lunch on the day of the seminar.

Light lunch on the day of the field Trips.

DxO PhotoLab 6 – Evergreen course videos to the value of $ 250





Transportation to seminar venue, field trip locations and editing seminar venue.

Meals and drinks.

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