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The 3 Biggest Pitfalls to avoid as a BIRD Photographer by Internationally acclaimed wildlife Photographer, Lou Coetzer.

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Lou Coetzer

Topic 1 : Metadata Analysis and Techniques used.

Analysing Metadata of selected images and then discussing the techniques used in each photograph.

lapwings Lou Coetzer

Topic 2 : Busting the 5 Biggest Myths in Bird Photography in 2020.

These Myths are what have been keeping you from capturing pin sharp images. Time for a new approach to your Bird Photography.


Topic 3 : The Solutions to the 3 Biggest Pitfalls - Yes, finally!

I’ll recap the pitfalls to avoid and explain the theory and approach you should be using instead!

Lou Coetzer

Topic 4 : Myths busted and Pitfalls avoided - The Kalizo Project - Namibia

I took on, probably my most challenging Bird Photography Project. The Carmine Bee Eater Migration in Namibia .See how it played out…  

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" Immediate and a Phenomenal Increase in available Shutterspeed allowed me to capture images that I've always longed for "
Sanette Jonker
Sanette Jonker
Wildlife Photographer
" Allowed me to immediatly make a mindset change in terms of techniques in use..."
Johan Croucamp
Johan Croucamp
Wildlife Photographer

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